DSD & Binaural Recording(wav file,17min11s) Japanese Ancient Meditation Method AWAUTA by HIROSHI NAKAYAMA(AWAUTA Hiroshi Nakayama.wav)

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Listening to "AWA UTA".

It will be the ultimate meditation experience.

Moreover, the sound has been recorded by three-dimensional sound image.

His voice will vibrate your cells and spirit, the soul.

Human voice is the oldest and the most remarkable instruments to create divine resonance.

It has the capacity to transform our inner experience into positive and joyful sounds.

AWA UTA is ancient poem consists of 48 divine syllables with beautiful Japanese 5-7 rhythm.

We sing AWA with beautiful resonance starting with A and ending with WA as the following order.

We sing AWA with ease, peace, joy, beauty and sometimes achieve new and unexpected solutions to problems by attuning to divine wisdom.

We sing vibrant AWA and deepen inner listening with sustainable deep love.

Singing AWA is a journey of self-discovery that changes people’s lives and is helping to create a sustainable and peaceful world.

Singing AWA is just for approaching ordinary activities in a new way which encourages space for creativity, laughter and lightness.

Personal discovery and new meaning in life can emerge by singing AWA .

AWA community has no formal doctrine or creed, and simply enjoys singing AWA .

​However we have strong belief that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals like our community has changed the world.

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